The Unico System



The Unico System is a very unique system for cooling and heating that uses an approach whereby the air handlers (furnaces) can deliver maximum cooling and heating via small ducting that carries high pressure, high veloclty, reduced volumes of air flow. The system as a whole is much quieter than a typical furnace and duct system that you find in a regular home, office or commercial space.

This approach is ideal for homes, especially older ones and existing ones, that do not have the space for a conventional heating and cooling system. And this product is very suitable for office and commercial space where there is simply not enough room for conventional ducting.

The Unico System works best and is most comfortable when the special Unico System registers can be installed inside the ceiling at corner locations where two walls meet. Another application for the registers is in areas behind doors. Sidewall distribution is also acceptable in which the registers can disperse the air horizontally to the ground at high velocities.

The big advantage of the Unico System is that it is actually much quieter than the typical furnace and duct system found in most homes and commercial spaces. In a building containing a properly installed Unico System, one cannot hear either the furnace operating or the air traveling both through and out of the Unico ducting.

While a home owner is capable of installing this type of heating and cooling system, it should only be done so if a factory authorized and trained dealer heads up the installation. Our company is both authorized and trained with the Unico System approach, and we have had the experience of actually installing this equipment.

The typical low pressure, high volume movement of air (forced air) furnace system inside a house or office usualy costs between $2.50 and $3.00 per square foot of floor surface area. The Unico System ranges in cost between $5.00 and $6.00 per square foot. The advantage is that the amount of space required for the Unico System is considerably less than the traditional forced air furnace.

The Unico System website address:

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Contact us by email or phone (206-241-7930) if you want to get more information on how appropriate this type of system is for your situation.


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